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Every time I write something about you, I’ve always wondered what you’d think and feel if you knew.

Last night, I was on the verge of sending you my blog’s URL without telling you that it’s mine. Would you realize it was made solely for you?

Would you recognize the small talks we shared? There’s a chance, yes, but I bet, you won’t remember it the way I did. Every moments we shared together, just the two of us or with a couple of others, I have it memorized so I could replay it on my mind over and over again. That’s not enough, though. I have to write it here and tagged your name because I am hoping I can show it to you someday.

This blog.

Philippine Red Cross La Union Chapter: For the Youth

        One of my most loved activity being conducted by the Philippine Red Cross is the Leadership Development Program. This is my life's entry point to the Red Cross family so I owe a lot to this training. So I feel thrilled every time one of the instructors responsible to the trainings asked me to assist them.

        This training is under the Red Cross Youth, one of the six major services of the Philippine Red Cross. Its mission is to educate and empower the children and the youth in the spirit of Red Cross through constructive trainings and effective leadership, and provide opportunities for directing and harnessing their energy and idealism into worthwhile humanitarian activities. One who will undergo this leadership training will received three certificates [Youth Volunteers' Orientation Course, Leadership Formation Course and Basic Leadership Training].


        The first LDP that I went to was at Sta. Rita Elementary School, Agoo, La Union last September 30, 2013. I was with Sir Elvis Quitalig and Ma'am Cherlyne Parica. We had around 120 participants composed of Grade 4, 5 and 6 students. The crowd is just so overwhelming, the fact that it was my first time helping in facilitating that much number of kids and they were too noisy and overly hyper. I was glad that Sir Elvis really knows how to handle those kind of students no matter how chaotic they can be. From these bunch of malilikot na kids, I still had seen their innocence and sweetness. They are having fun with the activities being prepared, but they are learning at the same time. The concepts and values we wanted to inculcate had been incorporated in all the activities. Our voices had been heard, yet its our feelings that had reached them most. In the end of the training I had heard their "Thank You" as they smiled and waved good-byes.

        "Nakatulong na naman tayo", I remember this line from Sir Elvis. True. And it felt great. At parang nagbabalik kami sa pagiging isang bata. Nakakaappreciate kahit simpleng bagay lang. Nag-eenjoy kahit mahirap, nakakapagod, mainit, nakakangaaly, paulit-ulit yung ginagawa... I want to go back to Sta. Rita again. I want to meet these kids again.

         The next training that I had assisted was at Pagudpud Elementary with around 30 participants [October 1, 2013]. This time, I am with Mark Arlord Gaudia and Shirlyn Grace Peralta. In the afternoon, Jolet Hipol joined our group in facilitating the activity. The crowd is much easier to manage because the number is lesser. There is a difference on Arlord's and Sir Elvis' teaching and training style. But both of them really knows how to create a lively and worthwhile training.


        I can also remember one of the girl from this school who gave me something before we left the school. Her name is Marielle Brillantes. I had tried to write her name on my note in order for me not to forget her and her sweetness. She gave me a crown-shaped hair comb pin. "Gusto ko lang talagang ibigay sa'yo, ate.. Thank you po talaga." I am very thankful, too.

        Arlord allowed the kids to play touch-the-body with us. As he had said, it was his first time to let his participants play games with him and the facilitators. Napagod din kami masyado kakatakbo kasama ng mga bata. Parepareho kaming pawisan pagkatapos. Pero like I had told, masaya talaga. :D

        Then yesterday, October 10, 2013, was my third. Now I went with Mark Arlord Gaudia, Mark Kevin Rimando and Joseph Acosta. We had around 35 participants at Balawarte Elementary School, Agoo. I didn't talk that much until lunch because I kinda feel out-of-place being with guys. I just don't know what to say so I tried not to talk so much..

        Going back with the training. In the morning there was an Earthquake Drill and then Fire Drill/Relay [I'm not that sure what is the exact term for the later]. We arrived there late so we can only do a half-day LDP for the kids. They are much more troublesome compared to the first two schools but I admire their endurance and activeness. And we noticed that boys are more disciplined here compared to the girls which is kinda amazing... I guess.

        The last activity that Arlord had made them do is one thing that I really like. It was a very great way to do self-awareness. From being too noisy, they turned serious and let the silence surfaced. I really do think that as the participants left the room, they will never forget the realization that had struck them at that time because all the things they had drawn in their papers were genuine and true.. The messages that they had left to us , even if they had written them in with wrong spelling and/or grammar, were their real feelings and thoughts. I can't remember how many times the four of us had reprimanded them. But I know they had learned. They may forget us but not what they had learned.

        As I try to go back to these three trainings, I know that I will be able to meet and see and go to more places. As much as possible I want to remember all of them. I want to continue cherishing the moments. Di bale nang magmukha akong masyadong papaka emotera sa kaka-narrate dito. LOOOL Personal blog nga naman eto hahhaha

P.S. Sideline :DDD I kinda love the place from that time. The sea breeze and the shore and the rocks :DD [na binabalak sanang iuwi.. kung mabubuhat lang sana LOOOOL] at kung sana mejo mejo namana ko din yung talent ni daddy shige sa pagkuha ng mas maganda-gandang picture :[[[

忘れないように 色あせぬように
For it not to be forgotten, for it not to fade,

I strongly etched the scenery that is in front of me 
and you in my heart
para lang may picture ako dito :D 

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