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Every time I write something about you, I’ve always wondered what you’d think and feel if you knew.

Last night, I was on the verge of sending you my blog’s URL without telling you that it’s mine. Would you realize it was made solely for you?

Would you recognize the small talks we shared? There’s a chance, yes, but I bet, you won’t remember it the way I did. Every moments we shared together, just the two of us or with a couple of others, I have it memorized so I could replay it on my mind over and over again. That’s not enough, though. I have to write it here and tagged your name because I am hoping I can show it to you someday.

This blog.

A Memory of Our Summer: CHARACTERS

Finally, I'm done choosing who will I use as the characters of this story.

These three lovely girls from Itazura na Kiss~ Love in Tokyo.

Honoka Miki as Aihara Kotoko
Kasumi Yamaya as Ishikawa Satomi
Nanami Fujimoto as Komori Jinko

Next is my favorite Kin-chan of Itazura na Kiss~ Love in Tokyo

Yuki Yamada as Ikezawa Kinnosuke


And then these three awesome guys from Hey Say Jump ♥

Nakajima Yuto, Yaotome Hikaru and Okamoto Keito

*that's it for now.. I'm not yet done with the first part so I'm a bit anxious about it already :[ But now that the characters are decided, I guess I motivated to do good with this.. Minna, please look forward on this story. ♥*

saaaaaa? you want to start reading it? then go to this link :]]

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  1. okay,part of my to do list... memorize the characters of your story! so excited, i'm making future plots already LOL