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Every time I write something about you, I’ve always wondered what you’d think and feel if you knew.

Last night, I was on the verge of sending you my blog’s URL without telling you that it’s mine. Would you realize it was made solely for you?

Would you recognize the small talks we shared? There’s a chance, yes, but I bet, you won’t remember it the way I did. Every moments we shared together, just the two of us or with a couple of others, I have it memorized so I could replay it on my mind over and over again. That’s not enough, though. I have to write it here and tagged your name because I am hoping I can show it to you someday.

This blog.

イタズラはKiss - Love in Tokyo Soundtrack

Itazura na Kiss~ Love in Tokyo 
[イタズラはKiss - Love in Tokyo]
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: Fuji TV TWO
Broadcast period: 2013-Mar-29 to 2013-Jul-19

[イタズラはKiss - Love in Tokyo] Songs
Artist: Sabão (シャボン)
Album Released Date: 2013/07/27

1. アップデート [Update] - Sabao
♪ listen
2. たからもの [Takaramono; Treasured Thing] - Sabao
♪ listen
3. Good Bye Namida- Sabao
♪ listen
4. White Knight- Sabao
♪ listen
5. 会いたくて [Aitakute: I Miss You]- Sabao
♪ listen
6. さよならわたしの片想い- Sabao
[Sayonara, Watashi no Kataomoi; Goodbye, to my One-Sided Love] 
♪ listen
7. イタズラ  Rhapsody - Sabao
[Itazura Rhapsody; Mischeivous Rhapsody]
♪ listen
8. Hey, Mr. Cool - Sabao
♪ listen
9. [アップデート]~ギターバージョン~ [Update~ Guitar Version] <Inst.>
♪ listen
10. ハッピーライフ [Happy Life] <Inst.>
♪ listen
11. 琴子 Love [Kotoko's Love] <Inst.>
♪ listen
12. 入江直樹 [Irie Naoki] <Inst.>
♪ listen
13. 金之助はおれのことや [Kinnousuke wa Ore no Kotoya]
♪ listen
14. 入江家の毎日 [Irie-ka no Mainichi; Irie Family's Daily]
♪ listen
15. 本末転倒 [Honrai tenjū]
♪ listen
16. Love in Tokyo < Inst.>
♪ listen
17. [たからもの]~ギターバージョン~ 
[Takaramono; Treasured Thing~ Guitar Version] < Inst.>
♪ listen
18. [アップデート]~オルゴールバージョン~
[Update~ Orugoru Version] <Inst.>
♪ listen

*Bonus track*
好っきゃねん琴子!- 池田金之助 feat.金ちゃんバンド!
 [Sukyanen Kotoko!; I love you, Kotoko!] Ikezawa Kinnosuke ft. Kinchan band
♪ listen

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HIATUS. Again.

i’ll guess i’ll be on hiatus again… a lot of personal stuffs keep on coming.. i might not be able to continue blogging and doing fandom stuffs.. i need to stay away from the fandom for now…

life outside fandom, surely is no fun..
life away from the internet world.. will be much more…
but it’s gonna be a little peaceful.. that’s what i need most for now, i guess..

so.. jaa itsuka mata aeru nara~

continue sending me your pms or requests or anything.. i might be able to catch up with everyone..

sore dake.